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Before you throw out that old pair of worn or unwearable jeans be sure to cut out the pockets! In August the women from our partner agencies learned how to make little pouches out of worn out jeans. The pouches can be hung to… charge a cell phone…or hold keys…or hold crafting supplies! Some of… Read more »

   Did you ever have a pretty mug or plate break beyond repair? Instead of throwing those broken ceramic pieces away, you can create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry! By using tools and materials that can be found at most hardware stores, the women at our partner agencies learned how to create unique pieces… Read more »

   Creating market bags out of t-shirts is easy and fun to do with friends! And using a reusable fabric bag will keep plastic bags from littering our environment and will save many animal lives! Each year around the world, people use 1 trillion plastic shopping bags. Less than 5% of those bags get recycled…. Read more »

  During our May Outreach Workshops we talked about how it takes 50 years for leather to break down in a landfill! So, to keep old leather jackets and coats from taking up space in our dumps, we cut them down and repurposed them to make covers for notebooks. Perennial’s teaching artists taught the women… Read more »

For April’s outreach workshops, we taught how to use scrap paper to make beautiful and unique pieces of handmade paper. First, Perennial’s teaching artists talked about how the average American uses about 700 pounds of paper products per year!  Then the women got to try their hand at using a regular kitchen blender to make… Read more »

With Spring on the horizon, our thoughts turned to color and light! In March we took old picture frames and turned them into beautiful mosaic pieces of art. We taught participants how to safely cut glass with glass cutting tools and arrange their colorful glass pieces to form beautiful abstract and concrete mosaic designs.  

During February, we focused on Self Care. We taught the women at our partner agencies how to use the sewing machine to sew soft eye pillows that are perfect for napping. We filled the eye pillows with rice and scented them with essential oils. We also taught the women how to hand-sew old t-shirts into stress… Read more »

We started out this year’s outreach programs by thinking about what makes us warm and cozy in this cold and wintery time of year. During this month’s project, we designed fingerless gloves out of worn wool sweaters. We taught how to cut the sweaters to fit our hands and sew the material together using a… Read more »

This month wrapped up another season of our outreach programming. What a year it has been! We were able to consistently meet with all four of our partners each month. In addition we have identified a fifth partner to join us in 2017, an official announcement will come soon! This December, like those previous, we… Read more »

November’s workshops connected the Holiday season of Food and Family. Perennial worked with our partner agencies, Magdalene St. Louis, Center for Women in Transition, and Lydia’s house to teach participants how to use a Japanese saw, plainer, and wood wax to create a beautiful work of art that can be used over and over again in… Read more »

Our outreach team was bustling as this month was filled with six workshops! With our current partners, Lydia’s House, St. Patrick’s Center, Center for Women in Transition, and Magdalene St. Louis; and two pop up workshops in pursuit of our next partners for 2017 with International Institute and Bilingual International Assistant Services. We had so… Read more »

This month the Perennial Outreach team had a lot of fun with minimal materials to make a scarf through finger knitting. The only supplies necessary are scissors and a t-shirt! Perennial reached out our regular partners, Lydia’s House, Magdalene St. Louis, St. Patrick’s Center, and Center for Women in Transition; as well as an extra special… Read more »

Sometimes the best ideas come as you travel in a car with friends! This moth’s ReCreate project was just that; as staff were traveling to and from meetings ,the travel mending kit workshop took form. We were lucky to share the art of ReCreate with our four current partners, as well as with a special… Read more »

We had some sore fingers this month, but it was all worth it once we uncovered many creative collages with found images! Over thirty women participated in our July workshop for basic print making techniques. Everyone learned to embrace the process and the inevitable imperfections while repurposing storybook illustrations. Don’t be fooled, this process is… Read more »

Our outreach partners from St. Patrick’s Center, CWIT, Magdalene St. Louis, and Lydia’s House really showed us their creative sides! Each participant learned, “…how to recycle paper to make [not only] new paper [but also] beautiful things.” We had inspiring workshops this month as we blended mail, used folders, misprinted cards and paper found in… Read more »

What a great way to finish the month of May! Perennial joined with our four partner outreach agencies to create amazing pendants from plates. All participants learned how to cut their own ceramic plates, create a jump ring, and solder; now that’s some hot stuff! Participants shared their experiences with us: “I learned how to… Read more »

A little tender love and care for yourself can go a long way! Perennial brought the idea of self care to our outreach partners this month, making weighted eye/body pillows. Participants learned to use their hands and a machine to close up a simple pouch that can be heated and placed on the body to… Read more »

Perennial’s Outreach team met up with our partner organizations to make unique symbols out of nails and string! All participants identified a personal symbol and learned how to properly hammer their way to a personal keepsake! The studio was filled with a great turnout out, hosting 22 women in just the first workshop!

We had a great time sharing creativity with 30 women from St. Patrick’s Center, Lydia’s House, CWIT, and Magdalene’s House in February! Each partner agency joined us to turn found leather into personalized keepsake journals! One participant shared she learned, “How to trust myself, and how to create things from scratch with more patience!”

With a scrap of wood, salvaged styrofoam, and a little bit of glue, the women at St. Patrick Center and the Center for Women in Transition crafted custom stamps to personalize their handmade stationery. We showed them how to make their own envelopes from scrap paper, and one participant said “I won’t have to buy… Read more »

We had an amazing and creative 2015 with our outreach partners! In December, the women from St. Patrick Center, the Center for Women in Transition, and Lydia’s House came to our shop for a holiday crafting party. Every woman left with a t-shirt yarn scarf, hand-warmers, and a mini jewelry rack to keep for themselves or give… Read more »

Inspired by a donation of cigar boxes, our teaching artists showed the women in our outreach programs how to transform these wooden boxes into custom purses, lunch pails, and storage spots. The women at the Center for Women in Transition, St. Patrick Center, and Lydia’s House customized their cigar boxes with cardboard, leather, and a… Read more »

With just a few simple supplies, the women in our outreach programs created breathtaking sun-catchers this month! Our instructors visited the Center for Women in Transition, St. Patrick Center and Lydia’s House to teach their clients how to cut scrap glass and reassemble it into new compositions on salvaged picture frames. With just a little… Read more »

This month, the women in our outreach workshops learned basic woodworking skills and created custom pendants. The women at St. Patrick Center, the Center for Women in Transition, and Lydia’s House cut, carved, and sanded scrap wood to create medallions for bracelets, necklaces, and keychains. Perennial’s teaching artists showed the women how to use Japanese pull saws, power… Read more »

This month, the women at St. Patrick Center, the Center for Women in Transition, Lydia’s House, and Shalom House learned to make personal looms from found cardboard boxes. After setting up their warp, the women wove coasters, pot holders, and placemats from t-shirt yarn. Our teaching artist also brought back yarn that the women cut and dyed… Read more »