During September we showed the women at our partner agencies how to reuse all types of different materials to make colorful and unique jewelry with a Fall theme!

We taught our participants how to cut materials into simple shapes by using templates. Then we showed them how to punch holes and set eyelet grommets to join their pieces together to make a bright fall pendant that can be strung up with wire, hardware, beads, string, and anything else that can be found in a home’s junk drawer!

Materials used: Aluminum cans, bicycle tire inner tubes, leather scraps from worn weather bags or jackets

Skills taught: Punching holes, setting eyelet grommets, wire wrapping, stringing beads. 

A woman from St. Patrick Center let us know that she learned “something beautiful can come from used materials.”  While a woman from Center for Women in Transition said she learned “something to do with the grandchildren!”