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Brianna Buchholz

I have always been a lover to create things by hand. When I moved out to St. Louis in March of 2020, all my college classes had gone online, I did not have a job, and had nowhere to go. Similarly, with a lot of people all over the world, I now had all this free time, knowing I needed to do something. I started to pick up old hobbies I used to enjoy pre-college, like crocheting, but I was still searching for something new, something that came with a challenge. Then I discovered Macrame. Learning macrame was something that helped keep my mind occupied and helped me become comfortable staying home.
Now I thoroughly enjoy doing macrame projects when I notice I need a break from working on the computer all day or just want a quiet evening. I found mini macrame projects to be my favorite because I can create and finish a design or two in a day, which gives me a sense of accomplishment and gives me a boost of happiness.
Thru this workshop, I hope to teach others new ways on how to have a relaxing evening to yourself and how to find joy in creating all different kinds of macrame.
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