Our outreach team was bustling as this month was filled with six workshops! With our current partners, Lydia’s House, St. Patrick’s Center, Center for Women in Transition, and Magdalene St. Louis; and two pop up workshops in pursuit of our next partners for 2017 with International Institute and Bilingual International Assistant Services. We had so much fun teaching women from each location how to make their old fabrics look new with walnut and osage orange natural dye. In the process each participant had an opportunity to try their hand shaving the osage orange with a hand plane. There was a lot of inspiration as women shared their favorite plants and ideas for at home dyeing. The workshop encompassed a dye swatch for cotton, silk, and wool, while the women were welcomed to practice tying techniques on their own thick strip or tea towel. One participant shared, she learned to enjoy an activity she used to hate doing!