During June, we gathered cardboard and yarn scraps and headed out to our partner agencies to show the women how to create tiny little weavings that can be worn as pendants.

Perennial’s teaching artists taught participants how to create a simple weaving loom out of cardboard. Then, they showed how to warp the loom with string. Participants were free to choose from a variety of yarn, twine, and scrap material to weave onto their loom.

Some of the women chose to make larger looms out of cardboard to make coasters and potholders.

A participant from Center for Women in Transition said “I never knew you could make a loom out of cardboard. Neat idea. I made a potholder!”  A participant from St. Pat’s said she learned “to take my time and learn.” While another woman said “I may not have made the best, but I had fun doing this!’

Materials Used: Cardboard scraps, yarn scraps

Skills Taught: Weaving