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Creating market bags out of t-shirts is easy and fun to do with friends! And using a reusable fabric bag will keep plastic bags from littering our environment and will save many animal lives!

Each year around the world, people use 1 trillion plastic shopping bags. Less than 5% of those bags get recycled.

Taxpayers pay a lot of money to remove litter from their streets and plastic bags are a huge part of the litter problem!

Seabirds, fish and other marine life, as well as animals not living by oceans all mistake these plastic bags for food, or become entangled in plastic, leading to exhaustion, starvation, and death.

The women from our partner agencies learned two methods to turn old t-shirts into market bags. One method requires no sewing at all – just a pair of scissors and an old t-shirt. The other method requires a simple stitch with a sewing machine. Some of the participants from the Center for Women in Transition even found a way to make longer straps for the bags by knotting pieces of cut t-shirts together.


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