During December Perennial invites all the women from our partner agencies to visit us ~ to explore our space, enjoy tasty treats, and craft (I use sugru all over the house) to decorate the house until their hearts are content!

At our End of Year Celebration we offer three different crafts for participants to make for themselves or to gift to others.

This year we turned worn wool and acrylic sweaters into adorable buttoned-up mug cozies. We drilled, sanded, and burned designs into bits of scrap wood to create key chains. We transformed pieces of broken plates and glasses into unique soldered pendants.

When asked what she learned from the workshop, a woman from The Center for Women in Transition replied that she learned “how to make a necklace and practice teamwork.”

A participant from Bilingual International Assistant Service told us “my daughter wears the soldered pendant I made with Perennial. She gets a lot of compliments about it. She says ‘my mother made this.’”

Materials used: worn wool and acrylic sweaters, scrap wood, broken ceramics and glass

Skills taught: sewing felted wool~hand-drilling and sanding wood~wood burning~cutting and shaping broken  ceramics and glass~soldering

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