In August we collected cut corks, scrap paper, wire, and small pieces of scrap wood from Perennial’s woodshop.  We brought hammers, nails, hand drills, screws and other tools and hardware to our partner agencies so we could teach our participants how to make fun and functional notepad/bulletin boards.

After the women sanded their piece of wood they learned how to create a little bulletin board by gluing pieces of cut cork onto their wood with wood glue.  Some participants made their bulletin board out of  cardboard wrapped with scrap fabric and attached that to their wood piece with screws or nails.  They learned how to cut down scrap paper and fold it over a wire stretched between two nails to create a notepad that can always be refilled with more scrap paper. Participants then strung twine or wire onto their piece so it can hang on a wall. Some participants used little scraps of wood to make small, portable notepads that can be refilled with scrap paper.

Materials used: Wood Scraps, paper scraps, fabric scraps, corks nails, screws, wire

Skills taught: Sanding wood, using a hammer, using a hand drill, using templates, measuring and cutting paper

A participant from Center for Women in Transition gave us feedback about “how easy it is to put something together out of nothing.”  She also said she is “more craftier than I thought.”

A woman from Lydia’s House told us she learned “how to have more confidence in myself especially when it comes to crafting.”