Sometimes the best ideas come as you travel in a car with friends! This moth’s ReCreate project was just that; as staff were traveling to and from meetings ,the travel mending kit workshop took form. We were lucky to share the art of ReCreate with our four current partners, as well as with a special group, Holy Angels, a transitional shelter for women and children without a home. All participants learned how to create a blind/ladder stitch as well as try their hand at the time consuming but beautiful  Japanese technique: shashiko. We really enjoyed hearing the excitement from the blind stitch demonstrations, it’s truly a feeling of magic when a large hole simply disappears! There was plenty of time to add personalized ‘spice’ as well. While some of our participants were very knowledgeable an practiced in the art of sewing, there were many new to clothing repair; everyone however, learned something new to them and engaged in authentic group sharing and dialogue around garments lost or found.