In April, we decided to brighten up a dreary, rainy day by transforming worn t-shirts, wire hangers, and wood scraps into cheery little floral displays!

We taught the women at our partner agencies how to create pom-poms from t-shirt yarn. Then we showed them how to cut and bend wire hangers to create stems for their pom-pom flowers. The women got to practice using an electric drill to make holes in a scrap wood that became the base for their flower display.

After the workshop, one of the women from St. Patrick’s shelter let us know that crafting with Perennial is a “way to relax and focus, “ and she exclaimed “I’m good with tools!”

Materials Used: T-shirt yarn, wire hangers, wood scraps

Skills Taught: How to make a ball of yarn from an old t-shirt, drilling and sanding wood, wire cutting and shaping.