The next time you sip your favorite drink from a can notice all the bright colors and shapes that are in the label design!

In March, we taught the women in our outreach DIY workshops how to cut cans to make a flat sheet of aluminum that can be used to make all kinds of crafts.

We demonstrated how to pick out interesting colors and shapes in the graphics, and capture those designs in the shapes they cut and punch out.

We taught different ways to assemble shapes by punching holes and making connections with jump rings made from copper wire.

Our participants made earrings of all shapes, sizes and colors.

A participant from Lydia’s House said that she learned “that nothing has to go to waste, something can be used for everything.”  A participant from Center for Women in Transition said that “recycling can be a fun thing to do!”

Materials Used: Aluminum Cans

Skills Taught: How to prep cans to use aluminum for crafting; How to make jump rings out of copper wire; How to use a punch and mallet and other jewelry making techniques.