Donations large and small will help us continue transforming St. Louis! Your donation is deductible and helps us continue our creative reuse programs all year long.


Have stuff to donate to Perennial?

Check the list below to see if we are currently accepting anything you’ve got! You can drop off donations during our open hours on Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11am-5pm.

Here’s a list of stuff we need!

  • cigar boxes
  • ring mandrels
  • jewelry pliers
  • rawhide hammers
  • peen hammers
  • table lamps (broken is fine!)
  • colorful T-shirts (no side seams!)
  • 100% wool sweaters
  • 100% white cotton sheets
  • 100% leather coats
  • reusable, round cake pans
  • wine bottles
  • lath
  • old windows
  • coffee burlap bags
  • sewing notions
  • dowels from wood chairs
  • galvanized buckets/pails
  • double boiler pans
  • working hot plates
  • red onion skins

If you have an item you think we’d be interested in, but it’s not on our current donation list. You can email a picture to to see if we can use it.