Welcome to Community Workshop!

We want everyone who attends community workshop to feel productive and successful. While Perennial believes that everyone has the capacity to be creative and sustainable, community workshop is most helpful for folks who have taken previous Perennial classes and are looking for space to work on independent projects in the company of other creative + eco-minded folks.

How much does Community Workshop cost?

Community Workshop is $15 for a 2-hour session in either the Woodshop or Reuse Studio. You may register for the full 4-hour day (2 sessions) for $30.

Are discounts available?

For folks who attend four 2-hour Community Workshop sessions, you get a fifth session free! Details for redemption will be sent via email to those who qualify.

When is Community Workshop offered?

Community Workshop is scheduled every Saturday from 1:00 – 5:00pm. We are closed for federal holidays and for staff creative holidays, so please confirm that the date you want to attend is an open date on the calendar.

Who can attend Community Workshop?

Community Workshop is open to the public. Anyone aged 16+ can come use our space + tools. You must be trained on the tools you plan to use (please see next question).

What tool training do I need to attend Community Workshop and how do I get it?

To use the Woodshop at Community Workshop, you must be trained on any power tools you hope to use. Perennial offers affordable Tools 101 classes every month in the following categories:

Tools 101: Table Saw – for training on the table saw + circular saw

Tools 101: Power Saws – for training on the band saw, miter/chop saw, and the jigsaw

Tools 101: Drills + Sander + Planer – for training on using the drill press and cordless drills, the belt/disc sander and palm sander, and the planer

Tools 101: Lathe – for training on the lathe

You must register for and attend a Tools 101 class before attending a Community Workshop Woodshop Session. See all upcoming woodworking classes here.

*Hand tools are available for anyone to use, but previous training / experience is strongly recommended.

To use the Reuse Studio at Community Workshop, you must be trained on any tools you hope to use by taking a Perennial class in that tool. Perennial offers classes every month to help train you in these areas:

Sewing Machine Basics – available as an online class at any time, or in-person bimonthly to train on using a sewing machine

Soldering – a variety of soldering classes are offered each month, and any will certify you to use our soldering irons, glass grinders, and cutting tools

Glass + Tile Cutting – any mosaics or soldering class will certify you to use these tools

Leather tools – any leather class will certify you to use these tools

Wine Bottle Reuse – for training in using the wine bottle cutter tools

*No training is required to use pots + burners, papermaking supplies, paper cutting/crafting tools, candlemaking supplies, and mosaic supplies, but community workshop still wont take the place of a class.

What tools are available for me to use?

The Woodshop is equipped with a table saw, chop saw, band saw, jig saw, drill press, power drills, belt sander, planer, lathe, router, air compressor with brad nailer, carving tools, and traditional hand woodworking tools.

The Reuse Studio is equipped with sewing machines and sewing/quilting tools, a serger, soldering irons, upholstery tools, leather working tools, mosaic supplies, blenders, dye pots, pans and bowls, hot plates, measuring spoons, cutting mats, tapestry looms, papermaking supplies, wine bottle cutters, spinning wheel, mark-making tools and more!

Are the tools reserved just for me?

Perennial is a community space, and we value sharing tools and working together. While you will indicate the tools you plan to use when you register, you may be sharing those tools with other folks that are using the space at the same time. We consider this to be a strength of our program — folks working together and offering each other feedback + ideas!

Is my project a good fit for Community Workshop?

It is required that you take a Perennial class before coming to Community Workshop. If you want to learn a new tool, we’d love to teach you in class! Community Workshop is designed for folks that know how to use tools, and want to use our space + tools to work on independent projects. Staff can assist with troubleshooting your project and they always love to brainstorm, but are not able to train you on tool usage during Community Workshop time.

A good first-time project will look similar to the projects you can see in Perennial classes! A shelf, home decor, soldered pendant, sewn garment, etc are all possible! Something like building a full desk with dovetail joints is probably an unrealistic first project for Community Workshop at Perennial. If you are more experienced, please speak with Community Workshop staff to ensure that your ambitious project is still possible in our space!

How much time should I register for?

If this is your first time registering for Community Workshop, we recommend registering for one session, and using part of your session to create a plan with the assistance of our staff. Projects will vary in length depending on your skill and the ambition of the project, so it is sometimes hard to predict! A paper project could be completed in one session, whereas a woodworking project will likely need multiple days.

Still have questions? Send us an email at classes@perennialstl.org and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.